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My name is Utsav Soni founder of Uvmedicine.

I am a pharmacist by profession but a blogger by passion.

I have been doing blogging since last 2 years.

I am a passionate about sharing my all learning and experience of medicine, medicine mechanism of action, disease pathophysiology, medicine side effect, medicine name with their brand name to my reader and build trust to more.

Uvmedicine is not all about writing and sharing content.

But, my dream is to more or more knowledge of medicine gain to medical and non-medical person and boost your health and it’s knowledge.

I clarified to all of you, uvmedicine don’t promote self-medication, it’s very dangerous to our health. Uvmedicine is just boosting your knowledge regarding medicine and disease. 


Our motive people know the risk of overdose medication, medicine adherence. So, people Serious about taking medication.

   I regularly updated my Pinterest account. you will be found a medicine short story, an important medication for certain treatment, medication videoes, treatment videos. so, stay tuned with us 

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