what is insomnia - meaning, symptoms, treatment, medication

what is insomnia - meaning, symptoms, treatment, medication


Insomnia meaning simple like “sleep disorder”. It refers to difficulty in falling asleep, also a feeling refreshed from the sleep at midnight. It also increases with age falling asleep is increased. As twice times many problems in women as men.

In average age of 50 most of the population is not satisfied with their sleep. (actually, quarter part of population).

The condition of insomnia is chronic (long term) or acute (short term). Chronic insomnia is more than 3 months & acute insomnia is approx. 3 weeks.

➣ What is insomnia

Insomnia meaning is a disturbance of the sleep cycle in the brain. The seep cycle is actively induced & maintain by its neural mechanism in brain parts, like pons, limbic parts, brain stem, etc.

Normal human sleep includes  2 distinct levels of orthodox & paradoxical sleep. The orthodox sleep takes up to 75% of the sleeping time.

Here, four stage of sleep, in phases 1 & 2 continuously decrease the cortical & behavioral arousal. Stage 3 & 4 are the deepest phase of sleep & also a called slow – wave sleep (SWS).

In paradoxical sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) & non-rapid eye movement (NREM).

REM characterized by eye movement, irregular hearts, paralysis of muscles, increase brain activity & vivid dreams. It takes 25% of the normal sleep. 

Peripheral autonomic activity is an increase during this phase & also increases in the output of free fatty acid & catecholamine. Also, a frightening dream can occur in this phase.

NREM is characterized by slow respiratory, heart rate decrease, blood pressure decrease & reduce brain activity.

Many hypnotics drugs are affecting the sleeping pattern of the human. Like benzodiazepine are decrease the stage 3 & 4 of the sleep, Z- hypnotics are decreasing stage 1 & 2 of REM sleep cycle.

➣ Causes of insomnia

Insomnia meaning is not able to do good sleep during the night. So, many factors that affect the arousal system of the sleep cycle or decreased activity in the sleep system. That result is also difficult to sleep.

Some health causes of insomnia,

·        Sometimes produce anxiety & depression.

·        During night gastric reflux & uncontrolled asthma.

·        In chronic pain.

·        Increase emotional arousal.

·        Hyperlipidemia, hyperthyroidism like other endocrine disorders.

·        Other common problems like discomfort at the night, sleep apnea, and others.

·        Interference with cardiac rhythms.

·        Dementia or cerebrovascular disease.

Many times, insomnia produce due to some mental problem,

·        Light, noise, temperature, and environmental factors are affected. 

·        Sometimes produce big stress due to any issue like death of loves most, job lost, family problem etc.
·        Changing a schedule of sleep like jib sift, country traveled, etc.

Most common cause of insomnia is a habit of drugs or withdrawal of drugs.

Action of some drugs that produce cause of insomnia. Like,

·        Narcotics drugs

·        Caffeine, steroids & cocaine

·        Theophylline & Levothyroxine

·        Sympathomimetics amines

·        Antimuscarinic drugs & Antidepression drugs.

·        Alcohol, hypnotics, anxiolytics

·        Schizophrenia (dreaming & nightmares)

what is insomnia - meaning, symptoms, treatment, medication

Sometimes, drug withdrawal after its chronic use. So, its effect in the central nervous system. The central nervous system is depressed due to addicts to its drugs. Some drugs like antidepressants, propranolol & antipsychotics can produce occasionally nightmares. Sometimes patients are frequent awakening in night.

Frequent arousal from the sleep due to muscle cramps, bruxism, headbanging, restless legs syndrome, myoclonus & sleep apnoea syndromes.

Also due to insomnia day time sleepiness resulting to an increase the traffic and industrial accidents.

➣ Symptoms of Insomnia

Here, many types of symptoms produce relating to sleep (because insomnia meaning “sleep disorder”)

·        problem falling asleep during the night.

·        Feeling not well after the whole night's sleep.

·        Sometimes waking up too early.

·        Frequent waking during the night.

·        Whole day feeling sleepiness & tiredness.

·        Anxiety, irritability & depression.

·        Problem with paying attention or focusing work (concentration & memory)

  Diagnosis of insomnia

Not an instrument for major insomnia. Your doctor some question asked you & perform some blood test & major it. It is not a complicated diagnosis.

what is insomnia - meaning, symptoms, treatment, medication

➣ Treatment of insomnia

·        Reduce the taking of alcohol & caffeine.

·        Those medication that produces insomnia, avoid that or replace other medication.

·        Make a proper schedule to go to bed or get up the bed & follow that strictly.

·        Doing a daily exercise, but not doing exercise to night or go to bedtime.

·        Avoid some nicotine products, chocolate, etc.

·        Do not listen to music or watch a TV during bedtime.

·        The bedroom is not so cold or hot. Its relaxing & quite environmental must require because insomnia meaning a sleep disorder or quite environmental must require.

·        After 30 min you cannot get asleep, get up & doing something else. After repeat go to bed.

This all things are helpful for reducing insomnia & get proper sleep.

➣ Insomnia medication

Hypnotic drugs :

hypnotic drugs are provided to the treatment of symptomatic insomnia. It's effective in the short – term. Insomnia meaning is not getting a well sleep. So, hypnotic medication is help to produce sleep. 

About 20 million prescriptions of the hypnotic drugs are issued each year in United Kingdom. Hypnotic drugs are beneficial that citizen! Great

why ideal hypnotic drugs are used in insomnia,

·        ✅It not produces the hangover effect in next day.

·        ✅Safe for any elderly patients.

·        ✅Not any withdrawn effect produces. 

·        ✅It doesn’t depress respiration. 

·        ✅Its rapid onset of action must produce.

(please note, this all characteristic is ideal hypnotic, other hypnotic is produced many adverse effects, further discus)

Very unfortunately, no one ideal hypnotic exist; most of the available hypnotic is acts on central nervous system. Which inhibits both arousal & sleep mechanism. 

It does not produce natural sleep. Also, some adverse effects of “rebound insomnia” or “hangover” are produced. They are not suitable for long term use because they develop dependence and tolerance.


All drugs are used in short term insomnia. (acute insomnia)


Short term insomnia used ( 2 to 4 weeks)

Chloral betaine
Short term insomnia used

Night sedation & acute insomnia
Severe insomnia in elder patients
Yes, but not dependence
Over 55 years of elder insomnia patients (acute insomnia)
Not a tolerance or not a dependence.


Insomnia meaning a simple not get good sleep, but this disease is very dangerous because not fresh feel the whole day, no concentrate your work. So, I will give you some medication also some natural tips followed it to cure & consult your doctor to medication. I hope you like these articles. If you like it comment out.

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